Mobile Homeowners Program

The mobile home market is one of the fastest growing areas of home ownership in West Virginia. Farmers Mutual recognizes that, and offers excellent coverage for mobile homes at affordable rates.

Our program covers single wide or double wide homes, and we have policies that cover old or new mobile homes. Farmers Mutual realizes that porches, decks and room additions increase the value of your home, and our underwriters add the value of these items to your home, insuring you are properly covered in the event of a loss.

We also insure car ports, detached garages, sheds and outbuildings on your premises as part of these policies. There are optional coverages available for replacement cost on personal property, recreational vehicles (such as ATVs), and scheduled personal property.


Today’s mobile home often has a fireplace, and we are happy to insure a home that has a factory installed fireplace. However, we do not insure a mobile home with a wood burning stove.
This program offers coverage for injured parties on your property. Liability coverage handles injury claims where negligence is involved, and medical payments coverage pays medical bills for injured parties, regardless of your liability.

Farmers Mutual is proud to offer coverage to the mobile home owners of West Virginia. We have a long history of providing quality insurance coverage to the residents of West Virginia. Please see your local Farmers Mutual agent, and see how they can assist you in properly insuring your mobile home today. Click here to locate an agency near you.